Mixed Over Dyed Kilim Patchwork Unique Rug 5’1” x 7’7” ft 156 x 232 cm


Mixed Over Dyed Kilim Patchwork Unique Rug 51 x 77

Kilim Patchwork Rugs Embrace the unique qualities of your space by owning something equally as special: a piece from our Kilim Patchwork collection. Traditional Kilim tapestries are stitched together as new designs with a hint of flair, and no two are alike. We have dozens of lightweight Kilim patchworks to match any style. With each rug between 70 and 80 years old, our collection hosts an abundance of history preserved throughout time. Woven from older Turkish Kilims, our Kilim Patchworks are re-works of previous rugs and designs. These rugs c


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