Spanish Tile Stencil Set


Spanish Tile Stencil Set

Our Spanish Tile Stencil Set includes our Cadiz Tile Stencil, Majorca Tile Stencil, Marbella Tile Stencil, and Toledo TIle Stencil. Buying these stencils as a set rather than individually (originally $71.80) gives you $11.85 in savings! Painting a Pinterest & Instagram inspired faux tile pattern on your walls, floors, and kitchen backsplash is so easy and affordable with stencils! Each Stencil Pattern Size: 8″w x 8″hEach Stencil Sheet Size: 10″w x 10″hSingle Layer Design + 4 Tile Silhouettes SKU#: S-6282 Full tutorial: Stenciled Encaustic T


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