ZUN Squirrel House Solid Firwood 10.2″x9.8″x11.4″ 314821

ZUN Squirrel House Solid Firwood 10.2"x9.8"x11.4" 314821

This squirrel house is specially designed for squirrels to live, rest and use as a nest. Constructed from high-quality fir wood, this house use uses thickly cut pieces to provide even greater insulation and protect from the elements, meaning that squirrels visiting will stay snug and safe. It has 3 entry holes with 7 cm in diameter for squirrels easily in and out. It’s important that the squirrel house is placed about 3 or 4 meters from the ground and next to a branch, so a squirrel can escape easily in case of danger. Material: Solid firwood D

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